What is Gel Nail?

what is gel nailGel nails are not false nails. Gel nails are the process of nail extension by applying gel over the nail using a template (lower forms).

For what purposes are gel nails used

Gel nails are mainly used for aesthetic purposes

They are used by people who have weak nails and they cannot grow them. Therefore, gel nail extensions are very suitable for them, their nails become long and well-groomed for a long time.

The service life of gel-grown nails

The service life of gel-grown nails from the moment they were made is about 3 weeks, a maximum of 1 month. After this period of wearing gel nails, you need to make a correction. If you do not make a correction, it can damage your nails. If you make a correction at the appointed time, you can use them for a long time.

The Health benefits of Nail Gel Extensions

Of course, there are health benefits from gel nail extensions!

Firstly, for brittle nails, it is a lifesaver, because nails do not break, they are always strong and beautiful.

For those who bite their nails, this is very useful, because after nail extensions, due to the hardness and strength of the nail material, they can no longer continue this bad habit and eventually give it up forever.

Also, gel buildup is good for health after the treatment of ingrown nails and the treatment of ingrown nails and the treatment of fungus. But for medical purposes, a special air-permeable gel is used.

Which nail models are most preferred when building up with gel

When building nails with gel, they usually prefer the model that fits the shape of the client’s hands and nails.

It happens that despite the fact that it does not suit them, they choose a model that is fashionable at that time and are persistently asked to make it. Then the master has nothing left to do but to warn them that they may not like it at the end of the procedure…

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