How to Take Care of Nails

How to take care of nailsNail care. How to take care of nails? After what period of time do the nails need care?

Toenail care should be done once every two weeks, and toenail care is needed once a month. Fingernails grow twice as fast as toenails. Since they are constantly in action, they are often in the water and outdoors. Once every two weeks, the nails on the hands need to be trimmed, cleaned of the hardened dead skin around the nail and filed nails. If you use varnish, then you need to change it every three days so that the nails do not turn yellow, be sure to cover the nails with a base.

If you use gel polish, manicure is done every 2.5 – 3 weeks. The gel polish is removed, a manicure is done and, if desired, the gel varnish is covered again.

Who should do nail care?

Who and how should do nail care.

Nail care should be done by a specialist trained in this field, who has a certificate that he has been trained and warned about all the responsibilities, dangers and subtleties in the work. This also includes hygiene, the ability to use cutting tools correctly and familiarized with how to properly disinfect them. If the specialist has all these skills, you can be regularly serviced by him, I will arrange the intervals between your sessions.

Hygiene conditions during manicure

Of course, when hand care is very important to observe hygiene rules. All items, starting with a disposable towel, all tools, gloves, ending with the surface of the table must be either disposable or well disinfected. If you do not follow the rules of hygiene and sterilization in this work, there is a danger of contracting dangerous diseases that pass through the blood or skin of the hands or feet. It is best to use your own tools. But even if you use your tools, you should disinfect them after each use, because harmful bacteria and the risk of tetanus infection remain on the tools. In the establishments that you visit, pay attention to the sterility of the room, to the tables, to the pedicure baths, and how the tools used by the specialist are packed. If nothing bothers you, you can safely be serviced there regularly.

With what interval do you need to do nail care

The usual rules in hand care are 2 weeks, in foot care 1 month. If you have a gel polish or gel extension, then the time interval changes. You must follow the specified specialist deadline. If you do not follow the instructions of a specialist, you will harm your nails.

If you have a fungus on your nails, calluses or nails grow in, most likely you will need to visit a specialist more often to prevent nail problems.

You’d better follow the instructions of your specialist to prevent the deterioration of the pathology of your nails.

Prices for foot and hand care

Manicure prices may vary by some categories. If the salon you visit is located in the city center, and pays an expensive rent of the premises, then this is necessarily reflected in the prices in the price list. Also, the price list is influenced by the materials used, their quality, quantity and qualifications of the specialists serving you. There are no standard prices.

Therefore, everyone can thoroughly research on the Internet and choose a place, following their capabilities according to written articles, comments and a suitable location.

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