Gel Polish

Gel polish is a hybrid of gel for nail extension and gel polish. It does not dry in the air, it is dried only in a special UV lamp. Gel lacquers have a lot of representatives. Each representative has a different internal composition of chemistry, so when choosing a brand, you need to thoroughly investigate the safest for the client’s nails and the health of the master himself.

Why choose gel polish?

  • Gel polish is chosen for many reasons
  • Instant drying
  • Protection of brittle nails
  • Shine until the very end of use
  • The ability to grow nails naturally
  • Always beautiful well-groomed nails

Gel varnish application system

Before applying gel polish, it is necessary to do a manicure so that the nail cuticle is without a cuticle. It is necessary to cut down the shiny dorsal layer and degrease the nail with a primer in order for the gel polish to hold well.

The first layer of the base must be flawlessly covered so that there are no visible nail defects. Then apply 2 layers of color and the last layer of finish, which is called a top.

Each layer needs to be dried and carefully applied so that the gel polish does not leak onto the nail skin to protect against peeling.

How long does the gel polish last on the nails?

The gel varnish coating lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. Naturally, the wear period also depends on the quality of the correct coating and on how its owner uses his hands.

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