Foot Callus

Care of calluses on the feet

A corn is a compaction of the skin on the legs that has arisen after prolonged pressure or friction at a certain place.

Calluses are formed after damage to the skin or subcutaneous tissues.

Why do corns appear?

  • Overweight
  • Wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes
  • Increased physical activity
  • Long walking
  • Professional sports
  • Lack of foot care

Varieties of corns

  1. Hard corn – corns.

This type of calluses can occur both on the hands and on the feet. This is a slightly uplifting area of keratinized cells of a gray-yellowish color above the skin. It consists of several layers of roughened tissue.

This type of corn has visible borders, appears on the toes, does not have a rod on the sides of the feet.

  1. Wet corn – has the appearance of a bubble filled with fluid (lymph). The color is transparent, but if blood vessels are touched, it becomes reddish. The remnants of a burst bubble give rise to the growth of dry calluses.
  2. The core corn is a keratinized area of the skin in which the root grows deep. Corns with a root are called core corns. Such calluses bring pain.

Treatment and care of calluses on the feet

The treatment consists in removing the defect. Special materials and equipment are used for this. In the initial stages, after cleaning the affected area, special ointments, solutions and creams are used. In advanced cases, for example, with corns or large corns, it is necessary to remove with a laser or liquid nitrogen.


  • creams with urea to moisturize the skin
  • protective patches
  • orthoses to correct the position of the fingers
  • orthopedic insoles
  • silicone pads for proper load distribution on the foot

Who treats calluses

Corns can be treated by a podologist or a pedicure master who has studied with a podologist and developed himself in this profession.

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