Prosthetic Nail

What is Prosthetic Nail?

It is seen that one of the most important areas preferred by women for personal care is their nails. Nails can be easily worn in daily life, housework, workplace, laundry, dishwashing, ironing or office services or in any area. Its texture may deteriorate, break, crack or be exposed to different external effects in terms of appearance and aesthetics, and its aesthetic visuality may disappear. Today, with the developing technological conditions and medical opportunities, it is seen that an understanding in the form of prosthetic nails has been put into practice. What is a prosthetic nail? The prosthetic nail means a type of nail, an artificial nail type that will be mounted on the existing nails after a special material applied with the aim of providing an aesthetic appearance and will not lose the appearance of the real nail.

Why Is Prosthetic Nail Preferred?

Why is a preference made in this direction when there are artificial nail options? Why are prosthetic nails preferred? It is possible to say that it is preferred because of its usage possibilities, lifespan, economic costs and appearance integrated with the body. The person’s nail structure and hand structure are examined and special designs are created. Shapes can be made according to the request of the person. For this reason, it is seen that it is preferred for reasons such as being long-lasting compared to ready-made nails in terms of aesthetic appearance and creating the possibility of use.

How is Prosthetic Nail Made?

Of course, in this process, i.e. how to make prosthetic nails? You will need to get help from professional beauty centers. It is not something you can personally do. When you apply to such a center, your nails and hand structure will be examined first. A decision will be made later, after which special protective substances will be applied on your nail, that is, on your existing nail. A new nail, called a prosthesis, will be placed and adhered to the top of your nails, in accordance with your nail shape. It is possible to shape the individual, that is, the individual, according to his/her own wishes and expectations. It will be seen that the filing process is done until the glued nail is made suitable for the natural nail, that is, for the person’s own nail. It will be covered with a special gel. In the final application, it is the surface of the nail. It will be smoothed and polished with special materials.

Who Can Apply Prosthetic Nails?

When you want to create a visual feast on this subject, there is no application or process that you can do individually or buy from a jewelry store or a beauty shop. Who can apply prosthetic nails? The recommended application is not to go to beauty centers under the stairs as it is known in the market. Of course, it is recommended that you benefit from professional places and beauty centers that have received authorization from the Ministry of Health. It may not be possible for everyone to protect the existing nail on the substrate and to use healthy materials.

Hygiene Conditions Required for Prosthetic Nail Application

The most important detail to be considered will undoubtedly be the hygiene conditions required in the application of prosthetic nails in terms of your health. You have to be careful where you go. You should research the license of the beauty center. You should see the hygienic inspection principles. You should understand the quality and standards of the materials used. You should pay attention to the application of the protective layer.

The Most Preferred Prosthetic Nail Models

When you look at the concept of prosthetic nails, you will see that there are 3 different options. In the understanding of The most preferred prosthetic nail models, it has acrylic nail feature. It has gel nail feature. It has a dipping nail feature.

Life of Prosthetic Nail Application

If you choose the right place, choose the right beauty center, and request a prosthetic nail application from an authorized, certified environment, the lifetime of the prosthetic nail application will be unlimited for you. It is possible to use an expression indefinitely. Of course, you will need to pay attention to use and maintenance services or applications.

Is Prosthetic Nail Harmful?

Contrary to what is known, choosing an application in this direction will not mean that you will suffer any harm in terms of your body or your existing nail. Is prosthetic nails harmful? There is no possible damage to the existing nail due to the application of a protective layer and then the application of the prosthetic nail.

Prosthetic Nail Prices

In the content of the article, what is prosthetic nail? How is it applied? Short information that you will need on such subjects has been shared. So what are the prosthetic nail prices? It is possible to get support from different beauty centers or professional people in this regard. You will see that applications are made at levels that will not shake you economically, according to your expectations and demands.

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