Gel Nails

Gel nails are made using a template. Gel nails are not false nails.

Gel nail is the process of nail extension by applying gel over the nail using a template. Gel nail is used for both lengthening and strengthening the nail. Gel nail is like glass, it is not easy to break. Gel coating will delay manicure on nails and give your hands a well-groomed look for a long time.

Nail gel can be used for many purposes. It can be used for aesthetic purposes, for therapeutic purposes, or on nails that are visually deformed after treatment.

Gel nails, which are mainly used for aesthetic purposes, are used by people who have a weak nail and who cannot grow nails, but want their nails to be long and well-groomed, or who need to take care of them for work.

Gel nails always make your hands well-groomed and beautiful. There are many subtleties in the application that you need to pay attention to when performing. For nail extensions using a template, their length is first completely shortened. And this requires that the surfaces of the human nails to be applied to be completely fat-free, and the upper dorsal layer is slightly filed and matte. Otherwise, the gel will not adhere well to the nail and will peel off from it after a few days. After shortening and matting the nails, if the cuticle around the nail is thick, it is removed with a milling machine or scissors. The surface of the nail should be completely clean, but if there are any residues on it, then if these residues fall on it when applying the gel, the gel in this area may peel off, that is, it may come off the nail, it will not stick well. When the nail surface is ready, hands are washed with soap, and after making sure that all residues are completely removed, the gel application process begins.

Firstly, it is a dehydrator. The task of the dehydrator is to degrease the nail. Then a primer is applied. The primer provides stickiness between the main nail, gel or nail polish. After that, a thin layer of base coat is applied. The base coat is the base for the gel, which is applied before the gel after drying for 60 seconds using a UV lamp, a template is placed under the nail. He determines the desired size, starting with the nail and applying a thin layer on top of the template, dry it in a UV lamp and apply a second layer. In the second layer, alignment is done, the nail is turned down and then we make an elevation, which we call the apex. The apex is a dangerous area where a nail fracture can occur. Again dried in a UV lamp. This process is performed on each finger individually, because the gel structure is liquid, the shape will be distorted if it is not placed in a lamp and dried immediately after shaping. After all the nails are done and dried, wipe off the sticky layer remaining on top of the gels and shape them with an abrasive nail file. If there is excess in the gel, they are removed at this stage. After shaping, if there is excess skin around the nail, they are processed with a milling machine, and hands are washed again to clean the remnants of dead skin and dust between the proximal fold and the nail. Nail polish is applied. The design is carried out at will.

Gel nail is used from 3 weeks to 1 month, then correction is required.   In the process of correction, the nail polish is removed from the nails, a manicure is done and a gel filler is applied to the elongated area, and then nail polish is applied. After 3-4 weeks, the correction is performed again in the same way. Gel nail does not cause any harm to the nail if it is made correctly, but if the care time exceeds the time we specified, the free edge becomes too long and heavy, and the grown nail is thin because of this, the nail may break. For this reason, it is important to correct gel nails in a timely manner. Thus, gel nails are not harmful, gel nails save time for working women. Only when removed, it can thin the nail, since it is removed by a milling machine. To prevent this from happening, you should handle the milling machine very carefully, without thinning the nail.

The gel can also be used to treat nails in people who bite their nails. First, of course, we advise the patient to consult with a psychologist and radically solve the problem, and then contact a manicure master. Hands with gnawed nails are first manicured, and then covered with gel. If the person who is going to undergo the procedure is a child, his nail is simply covered with gel so that he cannot eat because his nails are hard. He can give up this habit if his manicure and gel coating are performed consistently and regularly. If the person who is going to undergo the procedure is an adult, you can do a build-up using a template. Thus, the nails become hard, it is impossible to gnaw them and because of their beautiful appearance, there is no desire to gnaw them.

Gel application is also used to strengthen nails. People’s nails may be weak, the nails of these people may break before they grow. In this case, a gel coating is applied to the nail. The gel strengthens nails, so nails can be easily grown. Of course, in this case it is also necessary to maintain stability, because the gel only temporarily strengthens the nails, and does not cure them. After the gel is removed, the nail returns to its previous state.

The gel can also be used for problems with ingrown nails. Sometimes the nail on the big toe grows inwards, sinking into the skin. This condition can cause great discomfort. There are several solutions to this problem, one of which is nail gel. The ingrown nail is first cleaned, then covered with gel, if necessary, slightly increased. The gel lifts the walls of the nails up and does not allow the nail to sink inside. Sometimes this is enough to prevent ingrown nails.

After the treatment of fungus on the feet, sometimes nail gel may be required to visually close the nail deformity caused by the fungus. But the fungus should never be applied during treatment. Since it completely covers the surface of the nail, it prevents treatment and does not allow air to pass under the nail, which leads to the proliferation of fungus growth. That is, nail gel should never be applied in cases where there is an active fungus or onycholysis. The gel can only be applied to healthy nails, it is not recommended to apply it in cases where there is doubt that it is harmful to health. Because if we apply the gel to the nail where there is a fungus or bacteria, the bacteria will multiply faster in a closed space and spread throughout the nail in a short time, then the treatment will be difficult and lengthy.

As a result, nail gel can be used for both aesthetics and health. Thanks to the visual application of the gel, it provides comfort during use, is pleasant to the touch and increases self-confidence. It is recommended to do this only with specialists.

How often should nail care be repeated?

If you have gel polish or extended nails, the time interval can vary from 3 weeks to 1 month.  You should also appoint the following procedure, coordinate it with a specialist in advance. If you do not come to a specialist at the appointed time, you can harm your nails.

If you have nail problems such as fungus, calluses, or ingrown toenails, you may have to visit a nail salon more often than usual. You need to agree with a specialist in advance, and it is advisable to come without postponing the procedure for a long time in order to avoid mistakes in your care.

What is Gel Nail?

In terms of personal care applications or preferences, in terms of visual and aesthetic beauty, it is seen that one of the processes in this context, which has been preferred recently, is gel nail application. So what are gel nails? In fact, this expression forms a part of the prosthetic nail expression. As you know, prosthetic nails are among the most preferred applications, especially in the last period. Gel nails formed a part of this application. In short, it can be used to complete the aesthetic appearance, to care for nails, to achieve a long-lasting and visually rich, magical nail shape. If a word-based explanation is to be made, it means a gel application that is applied on your existing nail, takes the image of the nail that hardens as it dries, and can be seen clearly.

Why is Gel Nail Preferred?

In fact, it will be possible to say that it is preferred in terms of health, although you evaluate it from different perspectives. Why are gel nails preferred? You should consider that it is an application and a beauty care or aesthetic beauty system, which is applied with the aim of increasing the nail growth life with scopes such as making yellowed nails more well-groomed, making worn nails more well-groomed, caring for nail skins and hand care.

How to Make Gel Nails?

In fact, this system is made by completely professional, experienced, authorized certified persons or organizations. How to make gel nails? Here, the system will be processed as follows. First of all, your nail will be taken care of, the skin will be taken care of, and if necessary, filing and shaping will be done. Then, after the cleaning process, the prepared special gel will be applied on the nail and it will be extended from the existing part. It will be seen that special beam methods are used and drying process is carried out, since the existing gel that has been applied does not freeze on its own and quickly. After this stage, after the gel, it will be seen that the upper ends of the nails will be reached, the long nail form will be given and the gel application process will be done again. The process will be repeated and a controlled process will be performed until the desired consistency is completely achieved.

Who Can Apply Gel Nails?

Here, there is no action you can take individually, at home or at work, or in your environment. It is not a classical, individual, nail care or nail polish application or a process like buying and mounting fake nails. Who can apply gel nails? Considering the principles such as special beam methods, care work, and the application of special blended treatments, the expression of beauty center, authorized certified person or organizations will come to the fore.

Hygiene Conditions Required for Gel Nail Application

The hygiene conditions required in its application are the most important issue. When you choose any beauty center, person or institution, the important thing will be the hygiene conditions required for gel nail application. You should pay attention to the equipment, the environment, the staff. You should make sure that truly disinfected instruments are used. You should avoid the situation where a tool used on one person is also used on you. In your preference, it should find professional service and supervised health institutions or beauty centers.

Lifespan of Gel Nail Application

When you have a transaction, you may be wondering how long your expense will last or how important it is. The life of the gel nail application will change according to your usage principle after it is applied. However, it is seen that a long-term use opportunity has been created. In order to increase the lifespan, you should not forget that you need to have maintenance after the application, 4 weeks after the application.

Health Benefits of Gel Nails

In this regard, it is possible to use classical words or expressions such as personal care, psychological support, visual beauty, about the health benefits of having gel nails. When you enter the understanding of health, you should think of it as the maintenance and repair of all nails that are deformed, yellowed, lost their longevity, distorted, cracked. Apart from its beautiful appearance, aesthetic appearance and well-groomed appearance, restoring the nail structure is its most striking feature.

Gel Nail Prices

What is gel nail, how is it applied, how is it used? Information on such topics is given in the content of the article. So how much are gel nail prices? You should contact beauty centers customer service. You should get the support you need. In addition to the price policy of each beauty center, different prices are available within the scope of the equipment used, warranties and similar understandings.

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