What is Foot Care?

what is foot careWhat is a pedicure or foot care

Pedicure is foot care. The pedicure includes cutting the toenails on the toes, grinding them, cutting the keratinized skin around the toes and treating the roughened skin of the foot.

In our modern time, people have become much more time and importance to devote to their appearance and health. Previously, manicures and pedicures were done at hairdressers quickly and somehow. Now many centers have opened for the care of only hands and feet. Both aesthetic and medical. They are in great demand. Many people no longer want to do these procedures in hairdressers, but choose specialized centers only in this area, because they want to be serviced by specialists.

How to choose a place for a pedicure or foot care and what hygiene should be

The choice of location for this procedure is very important. The place should be clean and hygienic.

Devices and objects used by specialists, as well as if a wet pedicure, a foot bath should be treated with special chemical solutions and be disinfected. Disposable towels should be used for each client. It is desirable that the place be separated only for this procedure.

Who should do a pedicure or foot care

Specially trained professionals in this field who have developed themselves in this specialty should work in foot care centers. If there are also medical podological services, the specialist must be trained by a podologist and have a certificate that he can do medical services.

What is useful for pedicure or foot care

Foot care is very important for a person’s personal hygiene. Our feet are always in a closed environment, so they are always at risk of infection with fungus both on the nails and on the skin of the feet. It is also necessary to cut the nails correctly and in time so that there are no growths on the nails and onycholysis (empty nail). These two discomforts can become chronic. They complicate your life and are hard to treat. Pedicure is not a luxury, it is a need for personal hygiene.

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