Illness or nail biting habit

Who has it

The habit of biting nails is onychophagy. This disease begins in childhood. It is usually transmitted by genetics if there are people with mental disorders in the family. A number of factors can provoke this disorder. Protection from a stressful situation, self-doubt, internal conflict with oneself, inadequate behavior of parents in the family, etc.

Is it possible to get rid of the habit of biting nails

Since this habit is psychological in nature, first you need to go to a psychologist and dig into the past and find out what could make you start biting your nails.

After this problem is solved with a psychologist, you can go to a manicurist and solve the problem of nail biting cosmetically.

Treatment of nail biting habits with gel or acrylic

First of all, you need to do a good, clean manicure and get rid of the cuticle that has grown on the nail. Then they cover the nails with gel or acrylic. If desired, you can extend it. Since the coating has a hard surface, it is impossible to continue biting your nails. Also, when a person sees his hands beautiful and well-groomed, he loses the desire to bite his nails so as not to spoil their appearance. If you repeat this procedure for a long time, over time this habit is forgotten forever.

You can use this treatment system for both men and women

Treatment of the habit of biting nails by coating nails with gel can be used by both men and women. It’s just that depending on the gender, the technique and materials used change. For example, a shiny coating is used for women, matte, more natural for men.

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