Why do we need a manicure?

Varieties of manicure and their features why can’t everyone have the same manicure. What types of manicure should be preferred?

In the modern life, people have begun to pay much more attention to themselves and taking care of their appearance. A large number of beauty salons have opened (especially salons providing hands and foot care services). For example, before some upcoming important event: a wedding, a birthday, an interview or corporate party at work, a trip to the theater, people necessarily go to the hairdresser to improve the appearance of the nails of their hands and feet, to be confident and create a good impression when meeting.

Even from the point of view of personal hygiene, manicure and pedicure should be procedures in every person’s life. Why is it so important how your hands, foot, and hair look? Because at the first meeting, people first look at how you look, and only then we evaluate a person according to some other criteria. People usually answer questions like “Are your hair and nails well-groomed and healthy?” evaluating you. Also, modern people feel much more self-confident when they have well-groomed hands and feet and self-esteem increases, regardless of gender. So, what kind of manicure is preferable to do to the client, you ask this question? Everyone needs their own individual approach. You can find out which manicure is right for you by looking at the proximal fold and the sensitivity of your skin, and how much your hands are in water and how much you use detergents.

The first type of manicure is a classic manicure. Watery manicure, which we have known since time immemorial, we did in hairdressers. Classic manicure is the simplest and most ancient type of manicure. It takes about 20-30 minutes to create it. If you also need to apply regular nail polish, you can add another 10 minutes. Classic manicure uses water, a bottle of water, a nail file, a pusher, nail clippers, an orange stick, scissors for removing cuticles and a manicure machine. The manicure device is very important for combined hardware manicure. The duration and quality of the manicure depends on the quality of the manicure machine. The first thing you should pay attention to when working with a manicure device: the size of the device, the speed levels, the ability to move the reverse button to the right and left, the weight of the device and the shape of the handle are important for comfortable use by the specialist who will use them. The appearance of the car is not very important.

The level of noise and vibration produced by the device is important. A device that vibrates strongly, of course, cannot be used conveniently, the same can be said about a device that makes a lot of noise. The milling manicure machine should work from 35 to 45 watts per minute, its speed should be from 25,000 to 40,000. For pedicure with the device or more severe and professional operations, a manicure device is used, operating from 60 to 100 watts per minute and from 40,000 to 50,000 revolutions per minute. The weight of the manicure machine is also very important. The fact that it is very light indicates a small engine power. At the same time, the maintenance of the manicure device should not be incomplete.


  1. Never start the machine without inserting the cutter into the handle.
  2. Do not change the direction of rotation during use.
  3. Use cutters that are the right size for your machine.
  4. The service life of your device will increase if you regularly clean the handle from dust.

Our second important tool is a manicure machine. Nail scissors should be thin and properly sharpened. At the same time, the pointed tip should have a slightly curved structure and a thickness of 0.2mm to avoid skin injuries such as cuts and bleeding. Thus, he can conveniently take the elongated proximal appendage, cut it off. A high-quality tool is made of special high-hardness steel and must have a completely flawless surface.

If you ask what characteristics nail scissors should have, there are scissors of different thicknesses depending on the three types of skin. For thin dead skin, it can penetrate under the thinnest and most sensitive dead skin and gently cut it without injuring it. On the other hand, for very thick and hard dead skin, thicker scissors are preferred. If it is ordinary dead skin, scissors are chosen that are soft and have a thickness of about 1 mm by conventional standards. Many experts consider nail scissors too complicated and dangerous to use. Because they don’t know the intricacies of using it. But this is not true, nail scissors work better than nail scissors.

The procedure for the combined manicure is as follows:

  1. Shaping nails (filing)
  2. Pushing dead skin with a pusher.
  3. If there are stuck areas of dead skin, it is opened with an orange stick.
  4. Shaber pusher removal of dead skin remaining on the nails, from top to bottom on the marginal areas of the nail.
  5. Filing of hard edges of nails by milling.
  6. Matting of the nail surface with a paper nail file.
  7. Applying a small tool to remove and leave for a short time, cleaning all remaining residues on the top of the nail with an orange stick.
  8.  Wrap the orange stick with a damp cloth to remove all dust, remover, and other impurities under the dead skin.
  9. Cut off the dead skin with cuticle scissors.
  10. Then we ask the client to wash his hands with soap.
  11. After the final check, we proceed to apply nail polish.

The third method is a hardware manicure without the use of cutting tools. Especially suitable for hands where there is thin dead skin. We don’t use scissors in this manicure. We push the proximal residue away with an orange stick, then stretch it well and slowly peel it with a round cutter. If you do not provide thorough stretching, you may get skin injury during manicure. Since this method of manicure does not use scissors, it will last much longer.

Although universal hand care is indispensable in our modern times, innovations appear every day, so we must constantly improve and stay up to date with the latest developments. There is no unchanging standard that does not change as before. We have to approach each skin type differently and keep an eye on the novelties in them. I wish you good luck in finding the manicure style that suits you best.

What is Hand Care?

As with every part of the body, it is an inevitable fact that hands should be taken care of in terms of health, hygiene, aesthetic appearance and visual appearance. So what is hand care? It means care systems that can be applied with the method of external interventions in order to regain at least the first day’s appearance or cottony texture of worn, lost texture, cracked, grayed hand surfaces due to various factors and weather factors, hot, cold temperature variables, drying and similar factors.

Why is Hand Care Necessary?

Hands are among the organs most used in visual contact in the human body. Why is hand care necessary? Hand care is needed not only in terms of aesthetics and visuality or elegance, but also in order to eliminate health problems. Why is hand care necessary? As mentioned in the question, an understanding of only removing wrinkles will not come to the fore. Of course, the removal of wrinkles may be emphasized in terms of aesthetics and visuality, but the deterioration of the existing structure, the deformation of the existing structure can bring health problems in terms of hygiene. A situation such as restricting the use of the hands or the way they are used may occur. It will be an inevitable fact that you should take care of yourself individually or by getting professional help.

How to Care for Hands?

How should everyone take care of their hands? The question can be answered and answered with personal methods. However, when we look at the methods used in general, it is seen that the use of humidifier comes to the fore in the understanding of individual management. Of course, a quality humidifier will have to be preferred here. The recommended application is to apply this moisturizing process at least 3 times a day. While an oil-free moisturizer should be preferred in the summer, you will need to avoid a dry look in case of extra moisturizing in the winter months. In addition, manicure should be considered for nails, which are seen as a part of the hands.

Who Should Do Hand Care?

Who should do the above hand care? In his statement, the actions you can take individually were mentioned. What can you do individually? You can keep it clean, you can get the washing habit. You can wash before or after each treatment and use moisturizers. However, you will be able to get help in a more professional way. Meeting with a beauty center will mean that the care process is carried out under hygienic conditions, as it should be.

Hygiene Conditions Required for Hand Care

The details you need to pay attention to here are that the materials you use will consist of quality materials. When you look at the understanding of the hygiene conditions required in hand care, if you prefer moisturizing creams, you should be careful to avoid materials that you do not know, that will harm the human body or skin. If you are bringing up a system such as brushing to get rid of dead skin, you should not forget that you should sterilize the brush you use after each use.

In Which Periods Should Hand Care Be Repeated?

If you are planning to have hand care by getting professional support, if you want to make the necessary process a reality by applying to beauty centers, at what intervals should hand care be repeated? The practice to be recommended in the question would be to go every 15 days as much as possible and carry out regular maintenance activities or protection practices.

Health Benefits of Hand Care

Hands are among the most visually appealing or touching organs in the human body. Among the health benefits of hand care, first of all, there are features such as ensuring the hygiene conditions of the hands, protecting the skin tissue, and cleaning the dead skin. Possible microbial organisms are prevented from settling and it is aimed to eliminate microbial functions that may be transmitted to individuals or in contact with foodstuffs in areas of use.

Hand Care Prices

When you decide to get professional support, if you contact the beauty centers that provide services on hand care prices, you will see that prices are given to you as needed, suitable for your budget, without any possible problems. Contrary to what you think, applying to a beauty center that provides professional service and pays attention to hygiene rules will not mean high amounts and astronomical prices.

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