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We attach great importance to the cleanliness of our hall and the sterility of the tools we use. At the same time, we try to do a clean and perfect job in our applications. We always have a positive and warm atmosphere in our salon. Therefore, our valued customers not only come to the application, but also to relax and get positive energy. Our main goal is customer satisfaction…

prosthetic nail

Prosthetic Nail

Prosthetic nail application, which creates a much more aesthetic appearance by eliminating defects in the nails, has become one of the most popular aesthetic applications of recent years.


Gel Nails

Gel nail, which is one of the popular beauty applications of recent years, is a type of application that requires expertise, which is especially popular among women, but is also preferred by men.
gel nails


Nailyuba’s expert manicure service emphasises the elegance and beauty of your hands. With our experienced professionals, we work diligently on your nail care and ensure that you have healthy and stylish nails. Come and discover beauty perfection!



With Nailyuba’s special pedicure service, we touch your feet with care. Our expert team supports your foot health with relaxing treatments while adding aesthetic elegance. We are waiting for you to beautify your step!


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What is Nail Care?

what is foot care

What is Foot Care?

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What is Manicure Pedicure?

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